Race Equals Question Mark

This week, we hear from Cailah Health Coach Brock, a fearless black female business owner whose dreams hold no bounds! Check out what she has to say about what race is and isn’t.

Be sure to check out Cailah’s website and support her business! She is the CEO of The Rock Solid Fitness Performance Training Center in Baltimore, MD.


She’s also an amazing personal trainer! Check her out!


Since we talked quite a bit about Rachel Dolezal, here’s a link to an article on this story from Vanity Fair.


I live Black

This week, I was lucky enough to talk with the very talented Jasmine Pope of J Pope and Funk Friday. She shared with me some of her work, her music and of course her thoughts about race! Be sure to check out her music and support!

This week’s episode we talk about what’s important in a name, the struggles of black women, and gentrification. There’s a lot to take in with this one, folks!


Here are the links I mentioned in today’s show.

Colorism Illustration – Good and Bad Hair – https://youtu.be/RPVjwHSynI0?list=PLnhz7k1CDpzMrZ6yeslZCn5CvZpfQtkcp

#004 – Community by Color


This week we hear further the discussion about building a black community.

Check out this story from Nikole Hannah Jones on This American Life. Literally life changing!
Other cool links on the impact of race in the US


#003 – Chocolate or Vanilla

This week we hear from Derick Ebert, Baltimore’s youth poet laureate: a talented, outspoken, young hopeful, who holds tight to his black identity. He tells us about how others sometimes wanted to make the choice of chocolate or vanilla for him.

Below are the links I mentioned in the podcast. If I’ve forgotten anything, please let me know! There’s SO much to say on these topics. I’ll definitely be convering this issues in depth in future episodes, but the links below have some really great information! Dark Girls is an especially moving documentary. Check it out!

Check out the movie Dark Girls, to learn about how colorism affects black women.

An in-depth article about the Paper Bag Test

#002 – Black but not black

This week we chat with Arcenio de Leon, who was born in the Dominican Republic and moved here a short six years ago. He’s struggled with the identity often given to him by others.