We back!

It’s been a long time. Good to be in front of the mic again. This is a quick update episode to let you know what’s in store for Regular Black Radio. Let’s get started!! Regular Black Radio will be up and running again on March 7, 2017. New episodes will be released every two weeks from there. I’ve got lots of great content to share with you guys. I hope you’ll join me!

Check out the episode I was featured in on the Panoply Podcast Why Oh Why http://pca.st/0X5L It’s a great show so be sure to subscribe.


Show your support!

If you’re a fan of the show, show your support by shopping at amazon! Go to http://www.regularblackradio.com/amazon and proceed with your everyday purchases. Cat food, socks, groceries, you name it! Doing so and using the affiliate link above will help me keep the show running.

Thanks, guys! See you soon!

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