Hair Stories (202)

This week, we scratch the surface on black hair and how is perceived.   Andrea Lewis' recent mini docuseries. Finding Magic Finding Joy Finding Trust Andrea's Twitter: Andrea's Instagram: Michella's Twitter:…Read more

#ImNotSorry (201)

I talked to random strangers about their views on feminism. Check it out! Support Regular Black Radio by shopping on Amazon! Check out Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's book. It's a really great (and really quick!)…Read more

008.5 – Regular Black Radio Season 1 Update

Regular Black Radio Season 1 Update [spp-player url=""] As promised, here's an mini-update episode about what's coming up for Regular Black Radio. more

008 – Race Equals Question Mark

Race Equals Question Mark This week, we hear from Cailah Health Coach Brock, a fearless black female business owner whose dreams hold no bounds! Check out what she has to say about what race is…Read more

005 – My name is… what?

This week's episode we talk about what's important in a name, the struggles of black women, and gentrification. There's a lot to take in with this one, folks!   Here are the links I mentioned…Read more